Storage Unit Types

What do standard, heated, and climate controlled units mean? How do I choose?
A standard storage unit is also called a traditional or non-heated storage unit. It is similar to storing in a normal household garage, secure and clean.

A heated storage unit is protected from the colder temperatures your valuable goods are likely to experience locally here in the Northwest. A heated storage unit is also ideal and more cost-effective if you are not storing in the hotter months.

Climate controlled storage units, also called temperature controlled, are heated and cooled. These units are designed to maintain a set temperature range. Your delicate valuables are safe from extreme temperature changes that can damage commercial storage, electronics, computer equipment, documents, books, pictures, leather, artwork, plastics and other materials. Climate controlled storage units are the most comfortable for customers who frequently work in them, and ideal for business storage.

Do your storage units have electric power?
Some of the larger units have power outlets available at extra cost.

What’s the difference between an indoor storage unit and an outdoor storage unit?
Indoor units are protected from the elements and have an interior entrance. Outdoor units offer the convenience of drive-up access.

What’s a drive-up storage unit?
A drive-up unit has an exterior door and its own loading area. Just drive up to it and load your belongings in or out.

Moving Help

Do you provide dollies and handcarts?
All interior units have access to dollies and handcarts at no charge. If you don’t see one ask our manager.

Do you offer a mover?
We are an excellent resource for local movers, truck rental and U-haul, let us serve you!

How can I keep track of the items in my storage unit?
Make a complete list of all goods stored, including brand names, product features and serial numbers. Keep receipts/proof of purchases. If you can, make a photo or a videotaped record of your stored goods. Keep this information in a safe place separate from your storage unit.

Vehicle Storage

Can I store my car, RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle?
Yes. We have specialty units which range from 12’x20’ to 14’x25’ with 14’ and 16’ ceilings and access to power and loft space. We even have very large indoor storage units that will accommodate an RV or motor home. Sized 14’x38′, they are the largest enclosed units in the area. NOTE: A $75.00 deposit (per vehicle) is collected upon move-in. Additionally, proof-of-insurance and a current copy of the title or registration for each vehicle will need to be provided. 

Is there exterior space for RV’s, boats, cars and other vehicles?
We do also have some exterior parking spaces.


What type of security is offered?
We have 13 digital day/night surveillance cameras. The facility is fully fenced and lighted outdoors from dusk to dawn. Each tenant is provided with one personal security code to open the gates and digital locks, which are specific to each building. Access is available only to each tenant’s building/hallway. We keep a daily audit log for all persons that use the entry/exit gates and digital hallway door locks.

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